Current Projects: 
Europe’s Last Summer
(Screenplay – Period Piece) Writer – Personal Project – WIP (Work in Progress)
Acropolis/Greece (IMAX Documentary) R&D, Writer WIP Ongoing –
Colosseum/Rome (IMAX Documentary) R&D, Writer WIP Ongoing –
Venkateswara Temple (IMAX Documentary) R&D, Producer 2017/2018
Who is Serbia (Documentary) Writer – WIP 2016
Machu Picchu (IMAX Documentary) R&D – WIP 2016
Tesla (Screenplay – Period Piece) R&D  – WIP 2015 –

2009- Present: Freelance Screenwriter

2002-2008: Staff Writer for Vin Diesel’s One Race Films
Melkor (Screenplay – Fantasy) Writer 2007
Hannibal (Screenplay – Period Piece) Work on David Franzoni original. Re-writes, extensive additional scenes, structure) 2004-2006
Chronicles of Riddick (Screenplay – Sci-Fi) R&D, Scenes 2003
The Vassal (Screenplay – Period Piece) Writer 2002